... means the sustainable growth of leaders within an organization.

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Through 360° feedback, we can assess your performance and competencies from different perspectives and identify the contents of our collaboration. Together we work out a development plan, in which I support you step by step through my coaching and one-on-one mentoring.


... is much more than change management.

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Through a closely guided and monitored change process, I will help your organization establish a new framework. In this multi-layered process, we look beyond solving just obvious or isolated problems, for only then can we achieve sustainable change.
We observe the entire system and especially consider the interactions on which it is based. The only prerequisite for success is your willingness to work on yourself and question what already exists.


review, adjustment, realignment.

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Strategic plans define the long-term goals of organizations. In order to have sustainable success, it is essential to regularly review these goals and change them if necessary.
And this is where I come into play... after considering and analyzing the existing direction of your organization, we ask critical questions and make adjustments where necessary.
Methodologically, the point is to clearly differentiate goals and tactics from effective strategies.
In terms of content, we will create your new vision for the future and then devote ourselves to its implementation.
With targeted measures, I support you in the conceptual development of strategic plans and guide you in its implementation into the existing organizational culture.


... leads to common values, norms and attitudes.

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An organizational culture always exists - even if you have not actively or consciously shaped it. It has a crucial significance and essential function because all processes and structures must be embedded in a culture to be able to achieve long-term positive effects.
The culture is the foundation of every organization and has a decisive influence - both positively and negatively. Therefore, culture work is essential.
I will create an individually-tailored package for you with the goal of strengthening the existing organizational culture or, if desired, changing the culture so that strategy, structure and processes can be better designed and implemented in a proper manner.


... because standardized processes offer a great deal of improvement potential.

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Services are provided by organizations through core, or standardized, processes that often consist of several sub-steps (process sections).
Process design is about defining, designing and establishing such processes for your organization for the first time. We are guided by process goals, which I collect, assess and ultimately set together with you.
During a process redesign, I analyze your existing processes and examine their necessity and efficiency. Based on the current situation, we define the goals of the individual process sections together and discuss potential opportunities for improvement. Following the process analysis, we start with the conception of new, optimized processes that are aligned with the declared goals of your organization.


... includes the horizontal and vertical formation of roles and responsibilities.

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There are numerous structural forms, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. There are no good or bad structures, but there is a suitable structure for your organization, as well as many unsuitable ones.
Ideally, a structure reflects exactly what your organization needs, and it is often a combination of several structural forms or a modification of a single structural form.
In accordance with the motto "form follows function", I will develop the most suitable structural system for your organization and guide you through its implementation and realization.
We do not squeeze you into any existing structure, but instead create the ideal structural conditions for you and your organization.


who, how and from where?

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It often happens that, as part of the cultural work, clear ideas are developed as to which employees portray the best culture fit and would be best suited to your organization. Here I can offer additional help and practical support. More specifically, this involves the creation of job profiles, advertisements and selection procedures, as well as support or implementation of application/hiring processes and assessments.